About Us? Who are we? What do we stand for in other words I would assume We stand for Righteousness for whats Right is where we Stand and will continue to stand firm there WHY? Because its Right not right now and not to kiss somebody else's butt either There are A Lot of people who won't like me or what I say and to them I want to say go fuck yourself . We are gonna tell it like it is and thats the bottom line someone told me once when I was younger arguing with a prime Ex example of the problem at the time we had one son and one on the way I said in the midst of debate that well there is two sides to every story I was promtly corrected by an outside observer who informed me that I was infact wrong because there are Three sides to every story Over the years I have thought about that day I have no idea what that argument was about But I never have forgot what he said Three sides to every story hell if two sides wasnt enough I got to get three sides and they are? Yours, Mine, and the Truth's side and I know your like wtf Right I was to for a long time but as fate would have it I had time to think about it and I have for about 8 years or so That day changed everything I guess because it was like opening my eyes to a whole differant spectrum but if your a young adult trying to make something of the mayhem going on in the world If your in your 20's, 30's, 40's If you are Alive today This is your site You need to check this out stop what your doing right now join this site and open your eyes before its too late Its too late too late

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